The S9000 system is the newest generation of Gealan windows. Their innovative design and the STV static glazing technology contribute considerably to lowering heating costs, and implicitly, CO2 emissions.


The Gealan S9000 system has a large construction depth, of 82,5 mm, 6 isolating chambers in the frame and sash, and a maximum of 3 levels of sealing. The central gasket allows for a larger degree of thermal insulation and protects against air currents and humidity. Therefore, the thermal transfer coefficient is of only 0,92 W/m2K.


The STV dry bonding system adheres the glass to the entire surface of the sash, with the help of adhesive strips, and was developed by Gealan to transfer the rigidity of the glazing, and increase its stability, therefore managing to obtain very large window components, even with triple glazing. These will close perfectly, even after a long period of use.


The S9000 system offers a combination of individual profiles, titled Gealan-Future, which allows for the creation of colored windows for passive homes, with dimensions of up to 2,40 meters, and an excellent thermal insulation coefficient, of 0,89 W/m2K.


Gealan S9000


  • High glass insertion height. Overlapping height of 26 mm.
  • Steel reinforcements which provide stability and optimal thermal insulation.
  • Profile with 6 insulation chambers for excellent insulation
  • STV system which allows the manufacturing of large window components and increased protection against forced entry
  • Allows for the use of triple-glazed windows, up to 52 mm in width
  • Rich Acrylcolor color palette, or wood imitations. The possibility for aluminum plating.
Gealan S9000
Gealan S9000

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